• His unrequited love, Laura the Donkey

  • Bananas

  • Climbing anything

  • Evergreen boughs

  • Ramming things

  • Farmer John (they have a Bromance)

  • Being scratched behind the ears


  • Doors (his destruction specialty)

  • Walking around anything (through is faster)

  • People in his pasture. John or I will get a gentle warning ram. Others, he will swoop his head and attempt to lift them by the crotch with his horns!

AKA ‘Master of Destruction’

Winston came to us via Esther’s Army early summer 2017.

Sometimes the best thing for an animal is making the difficult decision to responsibly re-home . Winston came to us from a loving home where he had been rescued from a neglectful backyard situation a few years earlier. Having lost his goat companion he was now a lone goat. Not nice for a herd animal. He was unsafe with her miniature horses. He is a difficult keeper. He would certainly be unsafe around children and she was expecting. We are proud she chose us as Winston’s forever home.

Winston is a true kook. He is a wild, loving, destructive, high strung, regal, sweet, unpredictable ride! He wins the ‘most interesting character’ award at the sanctuary. You just never know what a day with Winston will bring!

He is a huge goat – probably over 200lbs. His horns are about 12-14 inches. I tried to measure them once but he wasn’t accommodating!

If there is chaos, some loud crash, something broken, something costing me money…it’s Winston. Just when I’m frustrated with him, I’ll see him bow his massive horns gently and teach the little kids how to ram him; or he’ll make soft sleepy goat noises and want pettings.

For all his antics there is something simply awesome and loveable about him. He’s just zany and unapologetically himself.

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