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AKA ‘Master of Destruction’

Winston came to us via Esther’s Army early summer 2017.

Winston is a true kook. He is a wild, loving, destructive, high strung, regal, sweet, unpredictable ride! He wins the ‘most interesting character’ award at the sanctuary. You just never know what a day with Winston will bring!

He is a huge goat – probably over 200lbs. His horns are about 14-16 inches. I tried to measure them once but he wasn’t accommodating!

If there is chaos, some loud crash, something broken, something costing me money … it’s Winston. Just when I’m frustrated with him, I’ll see him bow his massive horns gently and teach the little kids how to ram him; or he’ll make soft sleepy goat noises and want pettings.

For all his antics there is something simply awesome and lovable about him. He’s just zany and un-apologetically himself.


  • His unrequited love, Laura the Donkey

  • Bananas

  • Climbing anything

  • Evergreen boughs

  • Ramming things

  • Farmer John (they have a Bromance)

  • Being scratched behind the ears

  • His special apple treats Leisa buys so he will behave!



  • Doors (his destruction specialty)

  • Walking around anything (through is faster)

  • People in his pasture. John or Leisa will get a gentle warning ram. Others, he will swoop his head and attempt to lift them by the crotch with his horns to throw them over the fence! 

  • Subtlety 

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