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The Hens


Chattel - The Queen


Chattel was the Sanctuary’s first rescue. Our farm, which closed mid-Feb/2017, came with a huge beautiful coop and one neglected chicken. She was the lone survivor of a coyote attack due to the previous owner not securing his chickens at night. She had no food, water or heat. As we came for inspections and other property visits I would try to provide for her.


In our purchase agreement I penned in “Chattel” - after the fridge, stove etc, “and one chicken” before I faxed it back. My husband said, “That’s a legal document, don’t mess around!” to which I replied, “I’m not kidding, that chicken is staying!”



  • Satan the Rooster

  • Ernie the pig – she jumps on his back!

  • Strawberries

  • Digging holes in Leisa’s garden, dust bathing in holes, sun bathing in holes



  • Kale

  • Leisa screeching about her garden

  • Anyone trying to pick her up


Satan (the rooster) for some reason respects Chattel’s age and despite his chauvinism, she is the ruling Queen of the coop. They roost together at night. I’ve even seen her snuggled under his wing.


Tina - The Superstar


Tina was a "spent" battery barn hen in pretty rough shape when she came to us, but now she is thriving! Her feathers are coming back in and she's enjoying her freedom living her best life.  She is an incredible chicken, with a star power unmatched by any other chicken.  (This segment may have been written by a volunteer named Tina, who may also have been the one to name Tina the chicken ...)




  • Paparazzi 



  • Being a free chicken

  • Foraging in the grass

  • Living her best life

  • Being named after volunteer Tina

The Rest of the Hen Crew


  • Chestnut

  • Gwyneth

  • Penny

  • Pumpkin

  • Grace

  • Pea

  • Gloria

  • Gertrude

  • Gretchen



  • When there aren't any holes



  • Digging holes

  • Finding holes

  • Jumping in freshly dug holes

  • Dust bathing in holes 

  • Sun bathing in holes

The hens are from six different rescues. They enjoy spending their days exploring the property and their nights roosting together in their coop. They love eating bugs and leaving presents (eggs) for the dogs and the pigs to find.

They can also regularly be found in a stall you've just cleaned kicking around the shavings!  

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