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He was rescued from the soup pot early spring of 2017. He was originally named “Roberto the Rooster” but…

Satan, as the name implies, is evil. He attacks without mercy. Not just trying to peck, but he will fly up and attempt to shank you with his huge talons. We tried to just give him a wide berth around his coop and his chickens, but unfortunately he would seek us out to murder us.

At first I thought I could tame him. I tried Plan A: the non-violent method of picking him up and carrying him under my arm like a football. Showing him I had power over him, but I was a friend. This seemed to stun him a bit at first. He would be quite passive while I walked around with him. I thought, “wow I’m really on to something!” - until the day he attacked and took a nice chunk out of the side of my breast!

Time for Plan B: showing him dominance. Armed with all the Google knowledge I could find, I tried again. Each time he would attack I did a wild arm flapping, leg stomping, shrieking dance. He wasn’t at all impressed and tried to kill me.

Unfortunately, when he digs his talons into your leg, you naturally kick him off. Even this doesn’t deter him. One day with blood dripping down my leg, I really thought I had hurt him and, panicking, ran over crouched down. He just got back up and attacked again, almost getting my face. I realized his brain only had the ‘kill or be killed’ channel.

Sadly for him, we implemented Plan C. He lost his free ranging privileges. Though, he does rule over a lovely, large, indoor/outdoor coop.

We accept him for what he is. We love the sound of his proud crowing. We have never lost a chicken in the coop due to his unfailing guardianship and the hens feel safer in his midst!


  • His Queen, Chattel

  • Fiercely protecting his hens 

  • Grapes

  • Alerting us to any unusual activity


  • Anyone and anything that isn’t a hen!

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