The Escape Goat

Whisper came to us as a newborn spring 2017 with her Mummy and her twin sister Willow from a farm cruelty seizure.

She has never known cruelty and was allowed to nurse from her mother until weaned and to stay with her family.  

Whisper is not afraid to stand up for herself  (particularly against Winston) and is very clever as evidenced by her frequent escapes!

Places Whisper Shouldn't Be ...

Whisper is constantly being found outside of the goat pasture - click the button to view some of the photos snapped when she isn't where she is supposed to be!



  • Treats

  • Leaves

  • Being with her family

  • Performing incredible escape acts

  • Outsmarting Farmer John's attempts at fencing fortification.


  • Being shooed back into the goat pasture after she has escaped

  • When her sister is bossy