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The Barn Cats

Bronx, Luna, Sir Percival

Our big old barn certainly had the space to house some feral barn cats - and we figured soon enough some strays would show up, or maybe we would find a litter in an out building that we would have to spay and neuter.  But it wasn't until

Spring 2019, after 2 and a half years and a growing rodent problem, that we surprisingly had to go searching for feral cats to adopt!


That's when we found Bronx and Luna, a bonded pair. The rescue they were with was unable to be rehabilitate them into house cats and they needed a barn home. Bronx remains quite feral and uninterested in humans (apart from convincing them it's dinner time) but Luna is learning to appreciate a nice scratch behind the ears.


Sir Percy came in July of 2019. Since he appears to be a purebred, most likely he was dumped in the country as an “unwanted” gift. He was brought to us around 3 years old, starving and completely feral. He has come a long way since! We had him fully vetted and neutered, and after some care he put on weight and grew a glorious winter coat and handsome mane! He is still food obsessed but we find it takes our starvation cases about a year to relax about food.


  • Being touched

  • Having pigs in their back room


  • Climbing in the rafters

  • Climbing on (and sleeping on) hay bales

  • When the humans come in to prepare kitty dinner

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