Laura came to us mid-Summer 2017 and was rescued by Whispering Hearts from a neglectful backyard breeder.

She quickly got over any lingering issues to establish herself as the ‘Donkey Diva’. Laura is simply a spoiled brat. No clue how this happened! If Eligh and the horses are gallivanting outside in the snow and she thinks they should come in and play, then everyone has to suffer her ear piercing brays!

If you think you are done petting her and telling her how lovely she is and try to turn your back, a bite to the bum will have you realizing your mistake!

Laura hates bad weather. She hates rain and everything about winter. She will stand in the barn doorway and scream at mother nature and for someone to fix it!

Don’t try to put her in her stall. Stalls are for peasant donkeys!

She was named for the daughter Laura in ‘The Glass Menagerie’. She’s even been turned into a work of art – literally!



  • Eligh

  • Fable

  • Folklore

  • Being a princess

  • Carrots and apples

  • Being groomed (Diva Spa Treatments)



  • Being treated like a farm animal

  • Those that dare turn their back on nobility

  • Waiting for anything, ever!

  • Winston, he’s uncouth

  • Winter - everything about it!