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Bert & Ernie

IMG_4509 2.jpg

Bert and Ernie were originally acquired together as piglets. As with so many victims of the ‘mini pig’ fad, they were abandoned once they got big and were no longer posing for cute selfies!

Bert and Ernie are not aggressive, however they are deeply bonded to each other so have no real need for human affection.

They are an awesome lesson in ‘life partners’, no matter the species. They sleep snuggled together, they explore together and they eat together. Recently Bert was having tummy troubles and I found Ernie pushing his snout into his belly trying to help!

Like all long term relationships, they have squabbles. Ernie can be bossy and Bert can be a whiner. Some days I just roll my eyes when I see them apart and pretending they don’t even know each other, because they always make up by bedtime. Then they snuggle up and are partners in crime again by morning.


  • Food, food, food

  • Pumpkins

  • Making straw and blanket beds

  • Sleeping in straw and blanket beds

  • Napping in Leisa’s garden and squishing her plants even though it drives her crazy

  • Sneaking down the driveway to get fallen apples even though It makes Leisa crazy

  • Digging up the front lawn even though Leisa gets crazy

  • Laughing at Leisa being crazy


  • Snow

  • Getting disturbed while napping

  • Getting tricked out of bed without some serious treats involved

  • Pedicures

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