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AKA ‘Prince of the Menagerie’


Eligh is a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, from the family of livestock guardian dogs and came to us through BARKS rescue in Louisiana in April of 2017.

At ten months old, Eligh was found tied to a tree in the woods without food or water for days. A good samaritan found him and contacted BARKS, where he became the much loved charge of volunteer ‘Auntie Brenda’.

I needed a very specific breed for the farm. One that was gentle enough not to harm the animals, yet fierce enough to protect them and himself from the coyotes out here.

I am so proud that he is an ambassador to the “adopt, don’t shop” campaign. Although I wasn’t picky about having a purebred, he is proof that even a very specific, rare, pure breed with a lovely personality can be found, rescued and saved from euthanasia if only you look hard enough!

Eligh starts his day at dawn in the pasture and barks his head off – letting all coyotes and predators know his animals are coming out soon and it's time for them all to move along! Throughout the day he chases frogs back into the pond, plays with Laura the donkey, and keeps a watchful eye on the goats and all the critters.

Eligh has become a local ‘pasture personality’. He runs alongside the joggers who chat with him, the garbage man gets out to give him a pet and a treat, and locals roll down the windows of their trucks to shout “Hello Eligh!” as they are driving by!

Once all the critters are locked down for the night, he comes to the house for supper and is officially off duty. He considers himself a spoiled house dog after 6pm. Somewhere along the way he must have spoken with a Livestock Guardian Dog union representative!!!






  • Laura (he’s smitten!)

  • People

  • Guarding his pasture

  • Running off to visit his neighbour cows across the field

  • Getting filthy while rolling in mud

  • Chasing frogs back into the pond

  • Taking care of foster kittens

  • Walks with Farmer John

  • Snoozing in a blizzard


  • Any form of training

  • Ernie the pig

  • Geese flying overhead

  • Working after dinner

  • Baths

  • Listening

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