The Ducks

Lily, Jasmine, Ebenezer, Rudolph, Thema, Louise, Jack, Jill, Cinderelly, Emerson, Edward, Finnagan and Splash.

The ducks came to us in 2018 from two different rescues. The first was midsummer, a duck-loving owner had passed away leaving 80 plus ducks.  The family contacted us in desperation when they had 34 left, they were leaving the country and were afraid the ducks would fall to an unsafe home.  TAMS found safe homes for several and provided the rest a forever home.  The remaining flock was compatible together, plus the little stinkers wormed their way in, and I named them so they were staying.


  • Their cozy cottage

  • Berries

  • Spa days in their pools (Despite a perfectly good pond on the property ?!?!)

  • Eating their breakfast then running/flying across the property to join "piggy breakfast" at the barn

  • Hanging out by the mud room door (Where the lady keeps the duck food!)


  • Being chased or picked up

  • Being shooed out of Leisa's clean barn for pooping everywhere!

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