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Dear Wanda came in July 2019 from a severe neglect case with the sheep Wooliam and Feleece. She was promptly vetted and treated for parasites, hoof rot and mange. Initially we were quite concerned that she had a neurological condition as she was walking spastically and would often go down to her front knees.


Watching her walk, I thought to myself “it’s like she has skis on”.  A light bulb went off. Though her hooves were only a few inches overgrown, I wondered if they had not been recently trimmed of several more inches in an attempt to hide the severity of her neglect. I was both relieved and saddened to be proven correct. There was nothing neurological wrong with her. Once her hooves were properly trimmed, she was up off her knees and running normally!


We named her Wanda, but she quickly gained the nick name Wanda-Loo-Who because of her incredible optimism. From the moment she arrived she was bursting with excitement to explore her new home and she has never looked back.




  • Jumping with excitement in her stall to be let out

  • Treats, more treats

  • Flirting with Winston

  • Sunshine on her face




  • Mummy, Willow and Whisper not letting her into the “cool girls” club.

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