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Providing animals quality of life and forever sanctuary


The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary was established in early 2017, after my husband and I purchased a rural 32-acre, century-old farm in Wainfleet, Ontario. Although I was an animal lover and had traveled the world volunteering at sanctuaries, I never had the intention of starting my own.

Once on the farm, with a barn and lots of empty space, of course I started taking in rescues. One turned into two, and two turned into twenty, and so on.​  I quickly realized - intended or not - I had indeed started a sanctuary!  I obtained charitable status in the hopes  that donors and volunteers would join me in rescuing more animals in need.  We now provide a safe haven to 54 critters.

Every one of my critters are rescues, most with a difficult past. Some of them have ongoing issues – some are learning to trust humans again. I have looked each of them in the eyes and promised forever sanctuary here. We are proud to accept them for who they are. They need to provide no service in return.

I vow to treat them as sentient beings deserving of not only sustenance and shelter but also love, health care, enrichment, companionship, and peace of mind.


Our Story

- Leisa Miller, Founder


Want to help?

To help The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary continue to provide forever sanctuary to animals in need, please consider volunteering your time, donating money or items we need, or even sponsoring one of our animals.

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