Our Story

Where It All Began

The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary was established in early 2017, after my husband and I purchased a rural 32-acre, century old dairy farm in Wainfleet, Ontario. Although I was an animal lover and had travelled the world volunteering at sanctuaries, I never had the intention of starting my own..

Warning bells should have gone off when upon purchase, there was one lone chicken in the coop I felt wasn’t being properly cared for. I wrote her into our purchase agreement under “chattel”. Chattel is now the thriving ‘Queen of the Coop’!

Once on the farm, as an animal lover with a barn and lots of empty space, of course I started taking in rescues. One turned into two and two turned into twenty and so on.

Every one of my critters are rescues, most with a difficult past. Some of them have ongoing issues – some are learning to trust humans again. I have looked each of them in the eyes and promised forever sanctuary here. We are proud to accept them for who they are. They need to provide no service in return – I do not sell meat, eggs or milk and we are not a petting zoo.

I vow to treat them as sentient beings deserving of not only sustenance and shelter but also love, health care, enrichment, companionship, and peace of mind.

Our forever sanctuary is currently home to 40 critters:

  • Winston, a 200lb destructive male goat

  • Mummy (Wilma) the goat, Willow and Whisper her two kids

  • Fable, a miniature horse

  • Folklore, Fable’s son. 

  • Laura, a miniature donkey

  • Bud, Bert and Ernie, potbellied pigs

  • Humphrey and Elvis, the Alpacas

  • Calamity, Oscar and Cleocatra, the feline rulers

  • Satan, the evil Rooster and his 10 hens

  • A flock of 13 ducks

  • Several pond turtles

  • Eligh, the Great Pyrenees Mountain dog

With all these critters we have reached the capacity that our wallets and time will allow. I can maintain the quality of life I insist on providing for our current residents. The only way we can continue to take in those that need us is with the assistance of other animal lovers. So, we officially registered as a non-profit animal sanctuary and obtained official charity status.

Providing animals quality of life and forever sanctuary


Our Mission:

To provide forever sanctuary to unwanted, neglected and abused animals.

Our Vow:

Every creature given refuge will be respected as a sentient being.  provided not only food, shelter and medical care but also compassion, companionship and quality of life.

Ovr Vision:

To collaborate peacefully and respectfully with the public, our community, volunteers and donors; encouraging an end to animal cruelty.

Volunteer. Donate. Sponsor an Animal.

To help The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary continue to provide forever sanctuary to animals in need, please consider volunteering your time, donating money or items we need, or even sponsoring one of our animals.

TAMS is a registered Canadian charity No.774918486 RR0001   /

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