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Oscar is a sociopath. I refuse to start this as a warm fuzzy rescue story!

I went to the pet store for some supplies and there was a pitiful crying going on (I later learned it was pure manipulation). So, I adopted a cat.

Once home we realized this was no average ‘hiding-in-the-basement-for-a-few-days’ cat. This was a full on ‘feed-me-meat-on-a-crystal-platter-or-I’ll-kill-you cat’. She was quickly named Oscar (the grouch) and earned the nickname ‘Garbage Guts’!

I should clarify, she’s not feral. She’s just ENTITLED! If you are enjoying your meal she will come for it, if you should wave her away like you would a normal cat you are going to be attacked and you will be taking your life in your hands!

Occasionally Oscar acts normal and snuggles up to us. This only makes us deeply afraid. Like if we fall asleep she will eat our face off!

We had hoped that Oscar should aspire to being a barn cat. Sadly for us this is not so.

It is our firm belief that Oscar was previously owned by several little old ladies that spoiled her, to their demise when one morning the tuna was not cooked ‘just so’. We suspect that had these instances been looked into further, the authorities would have discovered a ‘cat serial killer’.

Therefore, we really feel we are doing the elderly a great service by not re-homing this sociopath.






  • Being fed


  • Everything else

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