Peter Pan, Wendy & Tinkerbell

The Turkeys


The three turkeys were found on a busy road by a passing animal lover - a road where two of their companions unfortunately were hit by cars and did not make it. They came to us mid-summer in 2019 and have been causing havoc with their curiosity ever since!


Having these turkeys is like having toddler triplets - seriously. They follow you everywhere squawking, get into everything and will put anything in their mouths!  They regularly "assist" the volunteers during their chores, and enjoy accompanying groups on tour dates - occasionally yelling the whole way through.

They are incredibly curious and regularly encouraged to get off the porch by Farmer John.  Always make sure you roll up your car windows while visiting or you're liable to end up with these feathered passengers. 


  • Investigating newcomers

  • Checking out anything shiny

  • "Helping" with chores

  • Following Farmer John anywhere

  • Showing off their feathers (Peter)

  • Barking with Eligh

  • Going on sanctuary tours along with guests

  • Being as loud as possible during tours (Wendy)

  • Jumping in open car hatches or trunks


  • Being shooed off the porch

  • Having the snacks kept out of reach

  • Being touched instead of just admired (though they're getting better)