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Nicknamed Fae, Fable came to us mid-Summer, along with Laura the donkey, from Whispering Hearts Rescue. She was rescued from a horrible farm seizure near Sarnia, Ontario in the Spring of 2017.

Whispering Hearts had her physically healthy before she came, but mentally she would need a lot more time and patience.

When she first came we thought she was extremely high strung and had probably never been handled. Neither were true. She is just afraid of people.

Months after Fable came, TAMS learned that she was separated from her yearling son during the seizure.  We let it be known that if ever he was to be re-homed  he should be with us, and we would provide him sanctuary as well.  In the Fall of 2018 we got the wonderful news - Fable's son was coming home!

There is no doubt the two remembered each other!  Their first night we left them alone but could hear soft nickers and neighs over their adjoining stall gate.  The following day they were turned out together and Mama couldn't get enough of her boy. She nuzzled and nibbled his neck and just breathed him in. 

For weeks she drove him crazy hovering - afraid to let him out of her sight.  Folklore was playing the cool teenager and we didn't think he was as emotional as his mother about the reunion until weeks later when we tried bringing Fable to a stall for the Ferrier that Folklore couldn't see or access.  He became highly agitated, pacing, rearing, and neighing shrilly.  We immediately brought his mother back and have never separated them again even for a few moments.

I am pleased to say they have relaxed and have began to trust in their forever home together.  Fable has gained great confidence in having her young, strong son by her side.

If people stay out of her personal space, Fable is actually a calm, old soul and nothing phases her. Sometimes it’s chaos around here. Pigs squealing, Eligh chasing Laura, goats jumping in her way, bulldozers and heavy machinery … she doesn’t bat an eyelash.

She has slowly relaxed and it is beautiful to see her having found sanctuary and being content! 


  • Having her boy Folklore by her side

  • Routine

  • Carrots

  • Laura

  • Being nosy!



  • When Folklore doesn't listen and go where she says. 

  • Any change

  • The Ferrier (ok, hates)

  • When dinner is late

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