• Routine

  • Carrots

  • Laura

  • Being nosy!


  • The Ferrier (ok, hates)

  • When dinner is late

Nicknamed Fae, Fable came to us mid summer along with Laura the donkey from Whispering Hearts Rescue. She was rescued from a horrible farm seizure near Sarnia, Ontario in the spring of 2017.

Whispering Hearts had her physically healthy before she came, but mentally she would need a lot more time and patience.

When she first came we thought she was extremely high strung and had probably never been handled. Neither were true. She is just afraid of people.

If people stay out of her personal space, Fable is actually a calm, old soul and nothing phases her. Sometimes it’s chaos around here. Pigs squealing, Eligh chasing Laura, goats jumping in her way, bulldozers and heavy machinery…she doesn’t bat an eyelash (and she’s got pretty eyelashes!).

She has slowly relaxed and it is beautiful to see her having found sanctuary and being content!

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