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Wooliam & Feleece

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Wooliam and Feleece, along with goat Wanda, came from a terrible neglect case in July 2019. They were trapped in a stall in their own filth for years. We had no room, but I could not leave them there.


They have a long, tragic story, which I will spare you the details of. As a result they had numerous issues - especially Wooliam.  There were times we were unsure if he was going to survive to enjoy the sanctuary life he so deserved after all they had been through.


After several months of vet visits, surgery, hoof rot, hoof trims, pneumonia, sepsis, parasites, needles, being unable to stand, limping, chest wounds … I looked out my kitchen window to a beautiful sight - two little, elderly sheep having a stroll to find the best clover!

Now they are wandering the property daily, foraging for snacks, and always supervising volunteers as they do their barn chores - their precious faces being a regular distraction as they seek out treats and scratches.



  • Apples

  • Carrots (Wooliam in particular prefers BABY carrots)

  • Treats

  • Being completely spoiled

  • Supervising volunteers

  • Scratches

  • When the feed room door gets left open


  • Being in their beautiful sheep pasture

  • Moving vehicles

  • When volunteers are empty handed

  • Hoof trims

  • Being sheered

  • Feleece doesn't like Wanda-Loo-Who one bit!

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