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While monetary donations are always appreciated, TAMS also believes in Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! So here is a list of items we feel our supporters may be able to recycle, that we would gratefully accept:

For the Animals:

  • Standard size, all Wooden Picnic tables (for our goat climbing pyramid)

  • Shed (for a summer shelter for our male ducks that need separation during mating season)

  • Fencing

  • Calf huts ( for rain shelters)

  • Plastic kiddie pools

  • Tambourines ( for the turkeys )

  • Large non-working chest freezer (secure food storage)

  • Polar fleece or heavy moving type blankets (for the pigs, please no comforters or duvets, they tear them up)

  • XXXL Velcro (only) dog coats (for the goats)

  • XXXL dog crates (we have plenty smaller sizes as well as cat crates thank you!)

  • X pens

For our Pollinator Garden Efforts:

  • Butterfly houses

  • Bee houses

  • Pollinator seeds

  • Perennials

  • Bird houses

For our Volunteers:


  • Rubber boots, any size/type

  • Protective gear, goggles,masks, gloves.

  • Lockers


  • Jewelry displays, trees necklace stands

  • Plastic standard donation boxes

  • Folding tables

  • Event Canopies

  • Jewelry supplies/beads


How YOU Can Help


The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary is a non-profit organization and registered charity that relies heavily on volunteers and donations to help keep our forever animals happy.

At TAMS, every little bit helps - and is greatly appreciated. Consider a donation via PayPal, email transfer to or you can send a cheque or money order to:

The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary

PO Box 83

Wainfleet, ON

L0S 1V0

Donations that are received will be put towards feed, shelter upkeep and improvements, bedding, vet care, and creating new stalls for animals in need. If you'd rather, you can also specify where you'd like to direct your gift.  

Donations can also be made directly to Dunnville Vet Clinic or Minor Brothers Wainfleet.  

We will gladly issue tax receipts for donations directly to the sanctuary, however you are responsible for providing your name and address.  


The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary and its inhabitants thank you for your consideration!​

If you'd like to volunteer or donate, but would like to see what we're all about first - head to our events page to register for a Sanctuary Tour or Group Work Day.



At The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary, volunteers are what make the world go round. Without committed volunteers it would be impossible to provide the quality of care our animals deserve. We are so grateful for everyone with the willingness to help.

There are many ways you can get involved.  If you’re interested in volunteering any of your time to The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary, please complete the form by clicking the Volunteer button below and we will be in touch! We’d love to have you.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Animal Care

  • Barn Chores

  • Sanctuary Maintenance 

  • Events

  • Marketing

  • Computer Skills

  • Fundraising 

  • Open House / Garage Sale

  • Dog Grooming

  • Horse Training/Grooming

The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary is located in Wainfleet, Ontario. We are a 40 minute drive from St. Catharines, Niagara Falls and Fort Erie. For those closer to Hamilton, Brantford or Port Dover, we are about an hour away.​

If you'd like to volunteer or donate, but would like to see what we're all about first - head to our events page to register for a Sanctuary Tour or Group Work Day.

Why I Volunteer at TAMS ...


When I started to volunteer at TAMS, I wanted to be involved with something that mattered, to give back in a way that was important to me. I continued to volunteer as I have realized in addition it has been great for my well being, gives me a sense of purpose and lifelong friendships have been formed with the best of folk. The founder, the animals and the volunteers make it a beautiful place and I am grateful that they are a part of my life. - Juniper L; Barn, Event and Volunteer Coordination


I started volunteering at TAMS in the summer of 2018, and since then I have learned so much and met so many great animals and people.  The animals have had a particular impact on me – I love getting to know them, forming bonds, and seeing them thrive after being rescued.  Every day I learn from their forgiveness, love and joy for life - Victoria H; Barn, Event and Project Photography


I began volunteering at TAMS in the Spring of 2018, after dropping off pine boughs for the goats. Leisa gave me a tour and introduced me to all the residents, and I knew I wanted to be part of this sanctuary.

I really enjoy the volunteer community that has formed here, and feel like TAMS is a second home of sorts. Leisa is very welcoming and generous and there is a genuine camaraderie among the volunteers.

I adore the animal residents and feel so honoured to be able to help care for them. When the chores are done (or even in the middle of them!) it is so wonderful to enjoy the company of these beautiful creatures. TAMS is most definitely a very happy place for me.

 - Elisabeth S; Barn, Event and misc.


I haven't been volunteering very long, but it's the best thing I could have done.  I've been meeting great, like-minded people and spending time with these amazing animals regularly is good for my soul.  Even shoveling out the barn is surprisingly relaxing!  I've always loved animals and wanted to help.  The cliches are all true - volunteering is a great way to help, it's fun, and it makes me feel good. - Tina S; Barn, Event and Graphic Design 

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