TAMS Rural Community Cat Program

Our Trap/Neuter/Spay/Vaccinate/Release program exists to help community cats (feral, stray, barn and free-roaming) cats in the area stay in good health and end the breeding cycle.  Priority will be given to those living in Wainfleet, Lowbanks or Dunnville, but we hope to expand in time.


This program will focus on sterilizing and vaccinating stray community cats and returning them to their colony or barn. Someone must agree to care for the cats which are released back to their current or a new barn/area/colony. It would be counter-productive for us to vet cats just to have them die slowly of starvation or exposure, so we need to ensure someone is there to feed the cat or colony.


The program is ONLY for community cats - meaning the cat must be a stray to qualify. You cannot claim ownership of the cat when it is transferred to our care. If you own the cat, please contact the SPCA for their discounted spay/neuter/vaccination programs.


While our aim is certainly to return the cat to it’s area, barn, workshop or wherever it was living with it’s colony, there may be exceptions such as:


-A diseased or suffering cat may need to be euthanized.

-A cat found to have a microchip that belongs to someone.

-A pregnant cat may be kept in foster and she and/or her kittens adopted out.

-A stray cat that is found to be friendly may be adopted to an indoor home.


To contact us regarding the program please submit the form by clicking HERE.



We can only assist to the degree that there is enough financial support and volunteers for the program. This program is free, but is in no way publicly funded. Tax deductible donations are greatly appreciated.  Use the donation form HERE and specify in the comments that you'd like to give to the TNR/CATS program.


If you would be interested in fostering a cat, please fill in an application by clicking HERE.






Interested in fostering for us?  Please fill in the form by clicking HERE