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1/2 cup of our 100% chemical free, handpicked catnip with all the stems removed. Grown in our pollinator gardens at the sanctuary.


When planting our "Save the Bees and Butterflies" gardens we planted a bit of catnip. I had heard bees like it and we have 7 rescue cats. We soon realized that the bees LOVE it, possibly more than the cats!  Of all the beautiful polinator flowers we grew for them, the plain Jane catnip was one of their favorites and was always crawling with bees!


We never use pesticides or chemical fertilizers in our gardens. Packaged in what are supposed to be "biodegradable" rice bags. Upon arrival, while the bag is biodegradable, the front window appears plastic? I'm doubtful, and I promise to hunt down some biodegradable bags I have more confidence in! 



Bee Kind Catnip

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