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Meet Wanda

June 24 at 6:25 PM ·

Details on our latest neglect rescue of 2 sheep and a goat to follow . It’s been an exhausting week. For now I think it’s safe to say Wooliam is happy to have found a soft place to land. He thinks I’m the bomb ! The feeling is mutual little man!

Meet Wanda ! Update on the sheep to follow. Before you get too upset , see my post explaining her walking and the update as well as how to donate to our recent severe neglect rescues vet bills under Wanda's picture.

Animals are amazing ! Meet one of our latest neglect rescues , “Wanda”. She is full of beans and excited about her new life !!!!

She was kept in a tiny indoor stall piled in waste for years .

Wanda came on Sunday, down on her front knees and when she did walk, she was walking like she had skis on. I worried it was neurological.

Although her hooves were over 4 inches, I wondered if she only recently had even more severely over grown hooves removed and hadn’t adjusted to being able to walk yet. Also evidenced by her severely calloused chest and knees from being down.

Sure enough , this girl after only days at TAMS, with a proper pedicure and treatment for hoof rot , has improved her walking greatly !!! As you can see she is “up and at ‘em !” full of hope and very curious about her new circumstances 😊.

She also has mange so is being treated for that , has had a full vet assessment and vaccinations.

Donations towards our new rescues expensive vet bills can be made by calling Dunnville vet clinic or go to our DONATE page and Donate.

Please welcome our new friend to TAMS !

“Captain Quack Sparrow” was rescued by a young man from Kijiji. The person was threatening to euthanize him if no one claimed him. He is a Peking “meat” breed. Most likely rejected because he is male and could not “pay rent” by producing eggs until big enough to slaughter .

The young man’s heart was in the right place but he realized ducks do not make good house pets and as he learned more, that they belong with a flock .

Upon his arrival I put him in an x-pen and he made stressed chirps since he had only bonded with humans and wasn’t used to being an outside duck.

Jasmine the Peking female came running from a few hundred metres away to comfort him and circled the pen to find a way in ! How she knew it was a Peking duckling is amazing ! The video is within minutes of her teaching him to forage and be a duck!

Well that didn’t take long. Wooliam has been here a week and he’s spoiled already ❤️. He’s putting in a complaint with sanctuary management that room service messed up his breakfast order !

If you can help us cover the vet bills please donate.  Every penny goes towards their care....
Follow this link....DONATE for paypal or etransfer to leisa@assmenageriesanctuary.com

I would like to thank everyone for their emotional and financial support in the last few days .
I would also like to apologize for being behind on individual responses. It was another roller-coaster day to end a crazy week ! All our animals are upset by the newcomers and the scary vets and smells and they are keeping me very busy. Folklore ripped out his stitches, Bud ran away ....
Our Sweet Wooliam started out strong today but by mid-day was not himself and his breathing was laboured . So out came the vet again ( We’re going for a record this week !)
He has a fever , pneumonia and the antibiotics for his scrotum were not working so infection is taking hold 😢. He was started on a different antibiotic and the vet will return Wednesday to do another procedure on his scrotum if the antibiotics and anti inflammatories are effective.
By evening he was a bit brighter but obviously feeling like crap and wanted comforting.
I’m beside myself fretting! I’m so in love with this little guy. I’ll do what it takes but I do admit the emotional and financial support is greatly appreciated!!! We’ve got you sweet Wooliam !!! ❤️❤️❤️

They're getting braver day by day.


Wooliam and Feleece often have the freedom to free range and “help” me with chores
They don’t go far from the barn and will retreat back to their stall after only a short time. Freedom is pretty overwhelming for critters that were locked in a stall in their own filth for years.
They will be allowed to discover sanctuary at their own pace . They are making such strides and it’s bittersweet emotionally for me to provide them the opportunity ❤️ .

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